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Brand New Single -Drive

Rising Star Ella Powell is back with another catchy Country Pop hit ‘Drive’. With collaboration from multi-award winning producer Matt Fell and musicians in Nashville, ‘Drive’ is the perfect song for this summer. The upbeat, toe tapping rhythm and bright lyrics will have you wanting to hit the road for the ultimate road trip!

Drive Cover Artwork - Ella Powell.png

Along The Way

Ella Powell ATW FINAL.jpg

After the success of her previous releases, Ella is back with her brand new single ‘Along The Way’, produced by ARIA Award winning Matt Fell. The upbeat, catchy melody aswell as her captivating storytelling will make you want to sing and tap along. Bringing together the worlds of Pop and Country, Ella emphasises the importance of embracing life’s journeys and looking forward rather than behind.

Side Effects

Through Ella’s quality storytelling, relatable lyrics and sweet melodies, this upbeat, catchy single will have you feeling the Side Effects of love, loss and all in between. Produced by Matt Fell with the support of musicians in Nashville, this single goes on a journey to express the importance of self-worth.

Side Effects Cover Art- Ella Powell.png

Paper Town 


"Paper Town was written during Sydney's long 2021 lockdown, hinting at the altered state of life during that time- although it also applies to any place where you don't feel at home. The song is about leaving behind that kind of place, taking a deep breathe and moving on" - Sunburnt Country Music Review

Ella had the opportunity to work with ARIA award winning producer Matt Fell, with the support of musicians in the USA to help bring 'Paper Town' to life.





Drive - Official Video

Side Effects - Acoustic

Paper Town - Acoustic

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